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Our Services

Alpha Marine Solutions utilizes our fleet of marine assets as well as a fleet of support equipment (excavators, cranes, pile-driving equipment, loaders, etc.) to be able to provide an extensive array of services to our clients. 

Ship Escort

Alpha Marine Solutions has more than enough horsepower in our fleet of tugboats to be able to provide the following best-in-class services to our clients: escorting, towing, berthing, and bridge crossings.

Material & Equipment Transport

Using our tugboats and barges, we are able to transport material and equipment to any location in and beyond Guyana.


Utilizing our tugs, barges, and excavators, Alpha Marine is able to conduct capital dredging in the construction of new ports and wharves, as well as maintenance dredging of existing waterfront facilities. Alpha Marine also utilizes sonar technology to ensure an even dredging job.

Civil & Marine Construction

Our company's directors have brought with them years of experience in the civil & marine construction space. With numerous large projects completed on land and in the water (including wharf construction and maintenance), Alpha Marine is more than capable of any construction job.

Pilot Boat Services

Alpha Marine has 3 goals with our pilot boat service: safety, comfort, and speed. Whether your crew needs to be shuttled within Port Georgetown or to a waiting vessel offshore, we've got you covered with our modern fleet.

Rescue Operations

We understand that emergencies can strike at any time - since our inception, Alpha Marine has been involved in numerous rescue operations to vessels in distress due to loss of power, sinking, grounding and more. Our clients can feel confident that our fleet and crews have the capabilities and experience to assist in any situation.

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